For sports to continue after Coronavirus pandemic there has to be changes!

By: Wesley Outland

April, 18th 2020

No first off this is not just talking about Motorsports, but for a majority of my announcing career it’s primarily been in that. But this blog post is in regards to all SPORTS.

Let’s be honest here our entire world is going through a nightmare that we all wish we could wake up from, this will become a reality for us slowly but surely very sooner than later I feel. The up most important thing of all is to get things back to normal with our lives. That includes going to work to the jobs that maybe people have neglected, nagged or taken for granted. Let’s be honest we all have a time or two.

Kids need to get back into schools across the country, instead of doing these video conference classes which is showing the world of impressive technology advances, It’s just not the same. Student athletes and their families want to go back out inside the gymnasiums, ball courts or ball fields to resume where play was dramatically halted March 11th and the world changed as we know it to be.

Here is truth for many; the professional sports world is a diversion for us as many individuals to have a get away from life for 3-4 hours or more of entertainment. There is many people like myself that have been blessed to work as a career in sports. However on March 15th that all stopped and for many others before then because of this pandemic of the coronavirus plaguing on our entire planet. 130 countries across the world has become infected and I promise we will never be the same after it’s conclusion. Will it ever really be over? What are the continued ramifications or consequences for things as Americans not of our doing?

Now as we reach the opportunities for our country to slowly open back up will be the return of sports. Do we need to jump the gun early and make it just absolutely “free for all conditions” for everyone to pack the stands, arenas and fields would be a huge hellacious mistake. Though I do feel in my on opinion that there is a political agenda here with our government/ false mainstream media using manipulation and corruption because of this pandemic, I do believe this is a real serious situation. My heart goes out to those individuals & families that have suffered from this disaster.

Sports needs to handled delicately as it closely reopens, we need to have business and sanctioned bodies try to cooperate with national, state and local authorities to reach an agreement not to “buck the system”. There has to be a equal common ground in regards of the fans and safety, this is the truth believe it or not.

Listen to me when I say this please; professional sports NASCAR, NHL, MLB, NFL, FIFA, PGA, IndyCar & NHRA will be okay at first by not having spectators but eventually the well will run dry, there is only so much commercial, TV/Radio money & most importantly the Arenas, events & promoters will not tolerate for long this matter because it’s a business and common sense will eventually settle in for everyone. Regional & collegiate athletics will be exactly of this same situation, with the exception of limiting people being in the stands but honestly the back gate will not be feasible possible many times for events to be successful. Low car counts or fan attendance being capped off will force promoters to depend on the athletes or competitors to support the business, it just CAN NOT WORK.

We all want Sports to return yes, could the possiblity be that fans could do their part to be the difference? Maybe come to the sporting events wearing a mask, respecting “social distancing” not being in people’s bubble anymore. Maybe have a seat or two separating the fans, yes I know that if you have a family that’ll take up space or you can’t socialize side by side with your buddies like before, but isn’t it worth doing that at least be able to appreciate the entertainment we all are thriving that’s in a void currently? Maybe there’ll be sanitizer stations at all entrances, around concession stands and restrooms. Check temperature before entering the facilities or arenas. Just some serious possibilities to be mandated to get back to normal.

The world will be different not doubt about it, in time just like it states in the Bible “this too shall pass”, yes it will but things will be a completely different operation for life & sports when we reach the light at the end of the tunnel. We can either try be part of the solution or have us continue to be the problem.

This has to be just some of the things we seriously need to consider besides just opening up the sporting world again & let’s say the spread spikes again reminiscent of the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918 which actually resulted in more fatalities during the second result than original. I’m a realist, working in sports is my career for 24 years of my life, 12 years full time in this industry but we have to seriously look at these extreme conditions to slowly & surely keep the spread happening again, but also to safely get the butts back into the seats, business & revenue to quickly climb out of this slump in what could possible be an inevitable recession. Most of all make us appreciate what the world’s meaning of life now is truly about with our family, children, friends & loved ones; LIVING 🏁