Promotion & Time Management, two important keys to successful facility/events!

In my career spanning of 23 years announcing Motorsports I have seen positive & negative influence for our passion (racing) we love. There was a time that I’d literally enjoy being at the race track until the sun come up & believe me, I done my fair share. However as time as progressed getting old & more grayer, that philosophy is suttle.

The concept to me I’ve realized & practiced in events I’ve co-promoted myself is very simple & never fails. You promote your event to your fullest & follow a time management program, your facility/track will be SUCCESSFUL!

When you spend so much time on the road and being at race tracks pavement and dirt all day, honestly by the time Features begin you’re exhausted (many are) ready to be done. That’s where I’m different, maybe it comes with the position in this industry being fan before announcer. I’m giddy and wiry when the preliminaries are complete to see who’d take the victory.

Think of going to a college/professional sporting event in the stick & ball world anywhere in the Country. Unless there is a some act of nature to delay things, it’s ran by a strict schedule from team introductions, opening ceremonies to the precise moment of being underway.

The same can be followed in the Motorsports realm if we just tried as promoters to get the mindset enforcing it, who really wants to sit in the stands in the extreme hot/cold seeing all day practice before the features? There is diehards yes, but ask a majority the answer would be NOPE. The prolonging of day(s) is something eventually that has to be addressed by tracks/sanctioning bodies in improving shows. That truly is no doubt.

For the fans, they usually arrive right before the Features are set to begin or around sunset. You don’t want to run a program that flies to quickly where fans didn’t get their money worth especially during the opportunities out there to get the family entertainment value, but you have to allow a program that’s fulfilling but with limits, like time limits for caution filled shows, unnecessary laps under yellow flag and more.

Make it a promotional success by doing things the crowd can interact & be part of like 50/50 drawings, special prizes, driver/fan interaction with meet & greet and so much more. It can be just a event but a spectacular event. Music, fireworks and social media networking is key for today. If you make those keys things happen with a timely managed program being done in 3-4 hours tops.

I guarantee your events will be a success with more fans wanting to come to the next show continuing to support what you are doing at the end of it all. Take care of the drivers/fans in that manner, you in return will be successful. That’s “Wesley’s World” God Bless & Happy Labor day! 🏁🎙🏁