Amazing what you can do or conjure up being on a mini-vacation. How this website was created….

In this blog post, I unveil how the launch of my new website, was created. Stemming from an incredible friendship with Kate Dillon.

Once in a while there are people that enter into your life that you easily connect with, you never have any issues or quarrels together. It’s a genuine friendship, that’s what I have with Kate Dillon.

The short version for this blog, I have had the privilege to know Kate Dillon founder of since 2011. The first time we met one another at a FASTRAK Touring Series event at the Cleveland County Speedway in Lawndale, NC we hit it off as good friends, there was constant communication about ideas on doing things in the Motorsports industry. Dillon was the one who was behind the mastermind to the #WheresWesley segments during PRI in Indianapolis & covering Speedweeks 2019 as well, which was a great hit. Honestly anything she wants to create & put her mind to ends up a success.

She went from working on promoting the now dormant CARS Show in the Hickory/Charlotte area, to creating her big success today that is . While Dillon was on a nice relaxing vacation in Puerto Rico for over a week, her vacation though she enjoyed the “sights & life” while being there was reading a book & ultimately creating here own website She was so excited about it that when I planned a mountain mini-vacation with Kate Dillon, Steve & Alex Hendren plus more friends she convinced me to finally create this website –

To be honest, I was asked about doing my own website back during Speedweeks in February/March but I reluctantly dismissed it / or put it off. I thought of the idea if me having my own website would be egotistical or narcissist having. However this past few weeks & seeing what my friend Kate created with her own website, made a light bulb go off in my head to create my very own, securing a domain name on the world wide web & after the other work behind the scenes, by Thursday, July 25th my new website was created.

The website will be a platform to promote who I am & what I do, my schedule of where I’m traveling too, the adventures of what this life is all about & this portion “Wesley’s World” my blog just so I can write down things about my career, life & adventures along the way. Just think this all started by taking a mini-vacation too, just like my awesome friend Kate Dillon. Muah love to you my awesome friend in this Motorsports industry to now personal. If it wasn’t for her continously telling me to do this as a big stepping stone for my career, this would have never happened. Thank You. 🏁🎙🏁